I joined Airstoc on a part-time contract. After 4 months I took over from the founding CTO and led the development and product direction. I improved the jobs process for customers, and migrated the Rails app to docker. I made some optimisations to infrastructure that saved us around £600 per month (reduced by 50%). 

I seeded an email campaign and designed landing pages that took us from 2k visits per month to 25k. In this time I raised the conversion rate of jobs from <1% to 6.5% and the rate of pilot sign ups from 8% to 36%. This took us from around 2,000 to over 8,000 in a few short months. I also designed and developed many side projects to help drive traffic, like and airstoc instant (a mobile app). At Airstoc I hired 2 people to help out with feature development of the Rails app, whilst I did all the design, front-end integration and a small amount of development.

Towards the end of 2016 the business changed focus. I designed a landing page for a Drone pilot SaaS app that attracted 800 new signups in 2 weeks, and achieved 32 pre-purchases. I then designed and developed the SaaS app for pilots to manage their business, managing the project for myself and 1 other developer. We did this in 6 weeks and launched in early 2017.


Product Direction, Design, HTML/CSS/JS, Angular JS, Ruby on Rails Development