Full-stack Developer (prefer Rails & Vue.js then React).

Career Highlights:

  • Started as a freelance web designer (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS) at age 14 (2000)
  • Worked in a top 10 UK digital agency at age 16
  • Started my own digital agency at age 24 (2010)
  • Learnt Ruby because of Rails 3.1 release in 2012
  • Learnt Vue.js at 0.8 release in 2014 (early!)
  • Sold my agency in 2016 (grew to a humble but killer team of 8)
  • Failed my first vc backed startup attempt (depressed in 2018)
  • Learnt React at 16.3 release in 2018 (late! and I prefer Vue.js)
  • Head of Product and Frontend development at 2nd startup - successfully acquired (2020)
  • Took some time off to contribute to Opensource (Vue.js and Bootstrap)
  • Started working on my 3rd startup in June 2021 (funded in Oct 2021)
  • More @ LinkedIn

Personal Highlights:

  • Wanted to be a DJ, my first freelance gig was supposed to buy me some technics but I bought a domain for my portfolio instead
  • Married with 2 children (I delivered 2nd child in our front room!)
  • I've worked remotely for over a decade (since 2010)
  • Motorycle license (unfortunate lack of motorcycle right now)
  • I'm a domain name addict.
  • I'm converting a minibus to a camper van (it's taken me nearly 3 years so far)

Solo projects:

  • Spendful - a personal finance tracker, built in 2 weeks, grew to 15k users, sold within 6 months.
  • Workroll - freelance leads, built in a weekend, grew to £6.5k MRR, sold within 6 months.
  • Published a book "Advanced Freelancing" helping freelancers turn into agencies.