20+ years of software design and development.

1999 - 2010
I taught myself software design and engineering for fun at age 13, and started freelancing whilst still in school at age 15. I have no formal educational qualifications, instead opting to leave school early at age 16 to work for one of the top 10 UK digital agencies (Technophobia, now G2G3, part of Capita PLC) as a web designer. For the next 8 years I worked my way up in local digital agencies and tech companies, and became known for being both fast and precise. I found my niche in bridging the gap between design and development (known back then to be quite rare), and would often direct product decisions and roadmap early on.

2010 - 2015
I started out on my own at age 24, with a digital agency that focused on start-ups, mainly in the USA. For the first 2 years I did everything myself, as I hadn't learn to delegate very well, but it gave me the chance to develop my sales skills. I ran the agency for 5 years, growing to a team of 8 (2 remote) and £750k annually. We helped 40+ different start-ups design and develop their MVP, or version 2 with several going on to raise multiple rounds and a few now worth $100m+. I learnt how to hire, delegate and manage, as well as sell and market services and products. I experimented with remote working and found some difficulty with it.

2015 - 2017
5 years in I had the opportunity to sell my agency, and to join a fast growing local tech start-up at the same time. I became CTO of Airstoc, a drone services marketplace. I re-built our MVP from scratch, then hired a remote engineering team. I also ran product marketing to bring in over 10,000 drone pilots. After raising $500k, we grew to 1000s of jobs per month. I developed a better understanding of how to manage remote teams. Unfortunately the drone market changed faster than we could adapt and the private pilot work dried up. We pivoted 3 times, which taught me a lot about the importance of product/market fit, and how to iterate products quickly based on customer feedback. We failed to find a repeatable, scalable sales model, and 2 years later we had ran out of money. New markets can be exciting and lucrative, but not having a clear vision on the future of that market can leave you in the dust.

2018 - 2021
I joined Taskfeed as Head of Product and Development and their first technical hire, where I oversaw (hands on + team management) a complete rewrite of our Salesforce integration as we grew our customer base and our team. I redesigned the app to bring us inline with a more native Salesforce feel. I became ISO90001 certified and learnt a lot about GDPR, information security management, enterprise customers and their ecosystems. My improvements to their product helped make us the number one customer onboarding app on Salesforce, and 2 years later we were acquired by another company. I chose to transition out of the company over the proceeding 12 months, where I helped expand the engineering team further and consolidate our product positioning in the new company.

2021 - present
I co-founded MosaicVoice, and developed a machine learning tool and real-time conversational analytics for training and assisting sales agents on their calls. It involved research and implementation of deep learning methods to convert speech into text (ASR) and contextualise conversations using rudimentary NLP. I used the output to benchmark their calls against learned best practices to give sales teams a quantifiable advantage to take into their next call. This helped sales teams grow and ramp up faster, as well as win more business.