Hello, I'm Mitchell.

I will Define, Design and Develop your MVP.

I work remotely for start-ups and entrepreneurs, helping them attract their first customers, optimise conversion and increase engagement.

I've worked with 40+ different start-ups in the last 10 years. I've made a lot of mistakes and learnt many things about getting to profitability. I've held various roles like Head of Product, Full-stack developer and CTO.

I'm on LinkedIn and GitHub.

Case Studies

MVP v2

Taskfeed asked for a re-design and re-development of the founder built MVP in 3 months. Built into the Salesforce.com platform using Vue.js, and utilising their Lightning design system. The new app is faster, easy to use and winning them more customers. After the overhaul, I recruited a small remote team and produced a product roadmap for them for the next 12 months.

Interim CTO

Taking over from their ex-CTO, I led the product and development of Airstoc for 12 months, whilst recruiting a small team to help support it. I made optimisations to their existing infrastructure that saved them 50% of their costs. My redesigned landing pages took conversion from <1% to 6.5%. I designed and developed marketing side projects that took them from 2k vendors to over 10k.

1 month Mobile MVP

I planned, designed and developed the first Bunch mobile app within 4 weeks, to help people buy from local grocery suppliers. The founders won a local start-up competition with their MVP that helped propel them into various funding options.

1 month Web MVP

I planned, designed and developed the Spendful MVP within 4 weeks, that saw initial sign ups reach 8k without any marketing (just word of mouth). I made optimisations based on customer feedback, that led to a further 8k sign ups the following 4 weeks. I followed that up with a mobile app and the founders had a successful exit later that year.

What can I do?

My advice is free, so tell me about your start-up and how you might need my help...
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